“I'm happy to announce that Lou found a loving home through an SCU connection! He will be relocating to San Diego next week. ”

Gigi Groener '15 shared this story on December 12, 2018

Home for loving cat:Lou

“Great place where your fellow Broncos are here to support you. #GoBroncos”


Shreyas Padhye '20 shared this story on October 9, 2018

I'm looking for a used bike. Budget: 50$

“Thank you, Ann & Greg Lindahl for sending Target gift cards! They arrived yesterday!😀😀”


Jeanne-Marie Carr '86 shared this story on August 4, 2018

Carr fire evacuee help - gift cards

“Anyone who has a connection to Santa Clara with tips on how to get my novel published outside of the Santa Cruz area is doing me a great favor!”

Lawrence Denis Freitas '76 shared this story on June 6, 2018

book for sale

“A fellow alumna reached out to me via Swichboard after I posted this and said she had a place to rent. I checked it out and we both decided it was a great fit. Thanks Switchboard for helping us find our home!”


Megan Bradley '11 shared this story on May 4, 2018

Looking For Housing in the South Bay

“This is a bit late, but I wanted to thank everyone for their advice! I did end up studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea during Fall 2017 (my junior year). I was able to fulfill four course requirements and although I don't plan on graduating early, I definitely could if I wanted to. Studying abroad was definitely the most challenging, yet rewarding experience of my life thus far. So I'm very grateful for the opportunity that SCU has given me as well as the advice from alumni that pushed me towards making this decision! I actually made a vlog about my entire study abroad experience: stu[diane] abroad if anyone wants to see how I experienced Korea! :)”


Diane Menardo '19 shared this story on April 20, 2018

Advice about Studying Abroad?

“Great experience - basically like craigslist with a nice UI for SCU students and alums!”

“My dream event to bring alumni and students together through dogs came true. We originally went with a couple of local alumni that we knew but wanted to open up the list to as many alumni with dogs! The post connected me with at least 10 alumni who want to give back to SCU and help students de-stress during week 10! ”

Denise Ho shared this story on April 2, 2018

Alumni & Dogs

“I loved the various responses - everything from hiking in the Bay Area (closer to home) to renting a home on a bike and river trails in the next state, and even traveling afar with possibilities of working on organic farms!  FANTASTIC! ”

“Great sharing by Googlers on what it's like to work at Google, what variety of majors they hire, and tips on the interviewing process.”


Katy Korsmeyer shared this story on January 27, 2018

Google Info Day

“Thanks to Switchboard, a Bronco alumna ('91, MBA '99) saw my ask about knowing someone who can sew  and connected me with her SCU roommate's daughter who's a stellar seamstress. I'm delighted to have 6 new, more fashionable purses to complement my current style, and 10  more in the works. Gotta love the network effect in action!”

“I got a call from SCU general council.  Very cool!”


Katey Dallosto '93 shared this story on December 5, 2017

49er tickets for Christmas Eve game

“It was great to hear from several young broncos who are interested in educational fundraising. Looking forward to staying in touch with them!”

“I did not know what Switchboard was until a few weeks ago, thanks to reaching out to Denise Ho Assistant Director of Young Alumni. So I downloaded it and connected with Louie's Club. The chats with them were straight forward and without some of that tension from just cold applying. It just so happened my love for animals and content were a good fit for what they were looking for.  I'm looking forward to working with them and help unite more dog lovers!  ”

“This post led to a great summer job with the San Jose Jazz Festival. I was connected with Bruce Labadie '77 who is the artistic and festival director there. It was an awesome way to carry my passion for music and event planning right into post-grad life. ”

“Great experience”

Suvra Kanti

Suvra Kanti Roy '18 shared this story on October 31, 2017

Pre owned Bike (Immediate)

“I moved from Florida to California to attend law school at Santa Clara University. A few weeks before I was supposed to move to California, I received a phone call that I had been waitlisted for campus housing. I was franticly searching for housing. Without affordable housing, I would not be able to come to California and fulfill my dream of becoming a lawyer! Switchboard connected me with several affordable housing options. I was able to sublease from a young lady studying abroad and she gave me a tour of the apartment and everything through FaceTime. I would not have been able to connect with her if it wasn't for Switchboard. Thank you Switchboard!”

Lauryn Younge '20 shared this story on October 29, 2017

Housing for Summer/Fall '17

“Very positive response and will offer again! ”


Jeanne-Marie Carr '86 shared this story on October 28, 2017

WALNUTS? pick your own!

“I also posted on Craigslist and found a Gunn HS Counselor to rent the room.”

“Thank you Elizabeth Connelly and Ana Raab. It was great to get connected into the new city. Happy to announce I'll be starting a new job in Advancement at UW!”


Greg Croak '10 shared this story on September 27, 2017

Educational fundraising and technology in Seattle