What is Santa Clara University Switchboard?

You're on campus for a few years, but part of the Santa Clara family for life. And if there's one thing we know without a doubt, it's that Broncos love helping Broncos! On Switchboard, Broncos ask for what they need and offer what they have to give. All the generosity of the Santa Clara University community is at your fingertips.

Whether you need advice, have a an opportunity to share, or are seeking something else, Switchboard makes it easy for you to connect with other Broncos. All members of our community come here to ask for help and help one another in return.

The Santa Clara community’s archive of past asks and offers is yours to search. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, start your own conversation.

Welcome to SCU Switchboard. Your Bronco family is here to help.

"As an alumna, I'm excited how Switchboard helps me not only connect with fellow alumni, but also with current students and members of the greater Santa Clara community. While I graduated 30 years ago and live five hours away, this platform is one of the ways I still keep SCU close and a big part of my life today. Rah!" - Jeanne-Marie Carr '86


Filter through asks and offers by location, subject, and category. The Santa Clara University braintrust is all yours.


Connect with other Broncos directly without all the clutter of social media. Your message will go straight to their email inbox.


Access Switchboard anytime with your mobile browser without losing features of the desktop version.

“Switchboard is simple to use – Broncos ask for what they need and offer what they have to give. We’re excited that this tool enables the Santa Clara community to connect in a new and more direct way. As we all know, Broncos like helping Broncos!” - Kathy Kale '86, Assistant Vice President, Alumni Relations